Nathan Daschle Executive Director Of The DGA calls On Fox News To Run A Disclaimer On Their Show Because News Corp. Donated 1 Million to the RGA.

In another fit of hypocrisy laden nonsense Nathan Daschle DGA(Democratic Governor's Association)Executive Director says he wants Fox News to run a disclaimer during their broadcasts informing their viewers that their parent company New Corp. has donated 1 million dollars to the RGA(Republican Governor's Association) Daschle states:
"For the first time in history, your organization is openly and proudly supporting the defeat of Democratic governors with an unprecedented political contribution of $1 million to the Republican Governors Association. In fact, your company provided the single largest corporate contribution to our opposition.
In the interest of some fairness and balance, I request that you add a formal disclaimer to your news coverage any time any of your programs cover governors or gubernatorial races between now and Election Day. I suggest that the disclaimer say: “News Corp., parent company of Fox News, provided $1 million to defeat Democratic governors in November.” If you do not add a disclaimer, I request that you and your staff members on the “fair and balanced” side of the network demand that the contribution be returned. "
According to Rick Ellis writing for, many media organizations have donated to the DGA as well:
The totals below are the aggregate contributions to the DGA, year-to-date.
Dish Network-$25,000
GE Corporate (Ft. Myers, FL)-$105,000
Jacobs Entertainment-$100,000
Level 3 Communications-$25,000
Motion Picture Association Of America-$15,000
Time Warner-$35,000
It should be noted that GE gave the same amount to the RGA as well. So while the 415,000 dollars contributed to the DGA is less than the 1 million contributed by News Corp. to the RGA, this is not surprising, considering the fact that the political climate is such that, many Democratic candidates this year might not get the wins this November as Tea Party candidates are making huge waves across the country. So why donate a ton of money to a losing proposition? I would hold on to my wallet and maybe see if things look better for the 2012 elections.

So, 9 organizations donate to the Democrats, and two make contributions to the Republicans, and somehow Fox is somehow more biased than these other organization because they happen to be more generous with their money? Frankly, since the government has decided that it's perfectly ok for large corporations to donate boat loads of money to political campaigns, why is anyone surprised that someone decided to run with that?

Last Jan. 21, the U.S. Supreme Court caused a firestorm of controversy over their ruling in the case of Citizens United v Federal Election Commission stating that corporations, labor unions and other groups are free to spend money seeking to influence political campaigns, although they still can’t contribute directly to candidates or their organization.

The liberal courts in concert with the liberal controlled government made this decision, one that even very liberal people found unpalatable.  So for Nathan Daschle to complain that a company did something that the liberal elite said was perfectly alright to do, is hypocritical, unless of course Nathan protested this decision. I have not been able to dredge up any such words from Mr. Daschle anywhere.

I am going to hazard a guess and say that Fox is NOT going to post a disclaimer about their political contributions, and I also surmise that ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc will also not be putting disclaimers on the air about their political contributions....since it's already public knowledge. Nathan Daschle is just upset that this year, many Democrats are going to end up suffering crushing defeats at the hands of Conservatives, just like his daddy did....
Here is the link to the letter he wrote to FOX: Nathan Daschle Letter to FOX News

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