Michael Bloomberg Slams Native Americans On Radio Program. Seneca Nation Wants Him To Resign Over "Cowboy Hat And Shotgun" Remark. Bloomberg Refuses To Apologize.

Michael Bloomberg Douchebag
After his ludicrous comments regarding the Ground Zero Mosque, you would think that Mayor Michael Bloomberg would be tolerant of Native Americans as well as Muslims. Apparently his racial sensibilities don't extend outside the city of New York. During a radio program.

Bloomberg, who was discussing the proposed cigarette tax for Native American reservations, said that Governor David Patterson should grab "a cowboy hat and a shotgun" and demand the money. Wow. This guy has a heart of gold doesn't he?

I would like to remind Governor fucktard, err I mean Patterson that the reservations are "sovereign nations" and as such aren't subject to state or federal law. Of course the federal government has already forgotten this numerous times in the past. But hey, after two centuries what could it hurt if we fuck these people up the ass without lube a little more.

The Seneca have on numerous occasions shut down attempts by the state of New York government to try and impose illegal taxes upon them. In one instance they protested a tax on Indian cigarettes and gasoline by setting fire to tires and cutting off traffic to Interstate 90 and New York State Route 17.
Here are some of the details from Fox News.
The nation said that the mayor should resign "effective immediately" over his "inflammatory and racially insensitive" remarks -- or at least apologize. 
That's not all. The Seneca Nation called on Paterson to "publicly condemn and distance himself" from Bloomberg and stated that the nation's president reserves the right to file a complaint alleging a "human rights violation and a hate crime" with the Justice Department and several other agencies. 
On top of that, the Seneca Nation filed a complaint over the cigarette tax in federal court and claimed it was giving the state government until Thursday to respond to their demand to postpone its enforcement. Otherwise, the nation will go to court Friday to try to block the tax, President Barry Snyder said in a written statement. Paterson's office had no comment. 
But Bloomberg is not backing down. Spokeswoman Jessica Scaperotti said the mayor is not planning to apologize or resign. 
"There will not be an apology forthcoming," she said. "What the New York City mayor's office is looking to do is to have the tribes follow the law." 
The tax on the tribes is part of a broader tax package aimed at filling in New York's gaping deficit. Under the plan, the state tax on cigarettes would go up $1.60 per pack -- the move is expected to raise $440 million for New York's in-the-red budget, with $150 million coming from the new tax on Native American cigarette sales.
 Let me get this straight. The State government refuses to comment on this whole affair, and Bloomberg's office Says he won't apologize and wants the Indians to 'follow the law'? Whose law? Not their laws. They have their own  government thank you very much, how dare you try and unfairly tax these people you insensitive pricks! I apologize that I am using a large number of expletives, but enough is enough. This state is being run by a jack booted tyrant with no business sense, no common sense, and did I mention he's blind and can't even read the bills he is signing in to law?

Bloomberg is a schmuck. He is one of the worst Mayor's New York has ever had. He is nearly as clueless as David Patterson. I am in awe that the people of New York continue to vote in these ass clowns year after year. This year, I am praying very hard right, will be different. The people are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it any more. Carl Paladino and his new "Taxpayers Party Line" candidates are making waves all across the state with the help of the Tea Parties and other real grassroots groups. This same effect can be seen all over the country this year, with the hopes that we can shut down the Democrats strangle hold on the government in November.
Let me try and make this clear for everyone.
  • The Democrats in New York raise taxes.
  • They promote policies that restrict businesses, and these businesses leave.
  • With no businesses, people are out of work.
  • They decide being jobless isn't enough so they tax the things you like to do like smoke ,or drink soda.
  • They attempt to dominate Native American Indians with unjust taxes and intrusive actions.
  • Their plans backfire and they lose money so they try to tax more things to make up for it.
  • People get sick of the taxes and leave. Now there are less people to pay taxes in New York.
Get it? You voted for this! You put these people in to office and now they are fucking you! It's time to wake up people. Get out to the voting booths in November and vote these scumbags out! New York can't take another round of these penises in suits. Please if you love New York, your life, your families, vote or a positive change in November. Vote for the people who want you to keep your hard earned money. Vote the Taxpayer Party Line and send the Democrats a clear message. Get out!

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