Obamacare:Socialism Arrives in America

R.I.P. Lady Liberty, you shall not be forgotten.

Obama Doctor

Obama claims it's a "Victory for the American people." Victory is about overcoming an adversary and insuring the continued survival of your side. 54% of Americans are opposed to the Obamacare bill. 57% believe it will drive the cost of health care up and 54% believe that it will drive the quality of health care coverage down. This according to a Rasmussen poll. But don't take my word for it, you can take the word of every polling agency and news service you can think of.
(NRO)- The support/opposition split on the health care bill, according to various pollsters:
Rasmussen: 41/56
Newsweek: 40/49
Public Policy Polling: 39/50
Pew: 38/50
Quinnipiac: 35/54
Ipsos/McClatchy: 37/51
NBC/WSJ: 31/46
CNN: 38/58
NPR: 39/55
Through the reconciliation talk, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Reid are sending a very important message to the American people: Shut up.

Let's face facts. This couldn't make it more clear. With spreads from 9 to 20 points in opposition to this bill it's apparent what the American people want. President Obama is clearly ignoring the American People when he talks about this health care bill passing. This isn't for the people, it's for his people. The Democrats who have been pushing to control more and more of the lives of the people. The minority voters, the illegal immigrants, the dumb, the lazy, the ignorant. These people all have their reasons for wanting socialized health care, and all of them are going to learn a painful lesson in the years ahead if this continues.

Our elected representatives in Washington, the people we elected to work for us are no longer with us. They are their own entity now. They wave their arms and their lips move and say things that stir our souls. But they are not talking to us, they are cooing succor in to our brains as they slowly drain from us our will and our reason. They whisper death that sounds like hope and change. And though you can't see it, you can smell the stench of evil that emanates from their scurilous mouths.

So begins the end for the United States of America. God has been crucified again. Our freedom eroded, our values distorted, our rights degraded and slowly stripped away. We will all soon fall asleep and while we slumber they will take what is left. We will be an empty husk. There will be no grave stone. No memorial service, just the drone of slaves feet dragging across the soil our forefathers fought and bled for. This bill is not going to kill us all. Just our parents and grand parents. We, the children will survive. Our deaths will be much slower.

This bill is not the end. It is but the beginning of a long, black road that we have started to travel and unless there is a shake-up, an outcry from the people so loud that it awakens the gods of Olympus, we will be defeated by our own acquiescence. Please America. Wake up. This is going to turn in to nightmare very soon. I have seen terrible things and I know that I will be all right. I am scared for my daughter and her safety as we slowly give away the management of our health, our very lives to the same government that gave us the DMV and the IRS.

I am become Obama. Destroyer of worlds.

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