Nancy Pelosi bipartisan Haiti delegation-1 Republican 11 Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi announces she's leading a bipartisan delegation to Haiti. The delegation consists of 11 Democrats and 1 Republican. Nincompoop Nancy even used the word 'bipartisan' 5 times during her press release about the trip to Haiti.
Wow. She must feel really proud. Perhaps this is the kind of bipartisanship we will see at the finally televised health-care debate the president is hosting. We will finally get to see the whole thing live on the air as Obama tries to convince Republicans to resurrect the now dead 'Obamacare' bill.

"It is also crucial that the House and Senate -- on a bipartisan basis -- have the opportunity to examine the ongoing reconstruction efforts ahead of the U.S. Congress considering long-term reconstruction assistance for Haiti," Pelosi said. 
Doesn't she just make it sound all loving, like one big happy political family.
Get a grip Nancy, we have work to do and you are simply in the way.

I don't need to tell you dear reader that this is ludicrous. The Democrats are showing their true colors once again by using a few less than astute Republicans as figureheads for a non-existent campaign to love and togetherness.

I hope that by the time this sham of a televised health care debate airs that the remaining Republicans will snap out of their day dream and realize they are about to get duped. Obama is desperate and is playing for keeps. He is willing to stoop to any level to achieve his Utopian Socialist agenda. Let's not join him on this journey, shall we?
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A.D.Sicks said…
So who is our token Republican for this venture...
Nobody said…
Florida Sen. George LeMieux