Family Guy Actress Responds To Sarah Palin's Criticism

So let me see if I understand correctly. The general consensus is Sarah Palin is a b*itch because she fails to see the humor in making fun of her handicapped child. Sarah Palin is also a bad mother because you find the way she holds the child to be incorrect or amusing to you. I think Sarah Palin was way off base calling for Rahm Emmanual to resign. I also think that the vast majority of people like to spew vitriol without providing one shred of real evidence.

Prove to me that Sarah Palin is a bad mother(No the way she holds her child, and the affair with her pregnant daughter are not sufficient, these do not say anything about parenting style.(Teenage boys and girls have sex regardless of what you tell them.)This woman has made some mistakes, factual errors, etc. Yet a large portion of Democrat voters don't even know who Nancy Pelosi is.

For the last 3 decades education in this country has been degrading in our nations public schools. These same under-educated children go to college and are indoctrinated by old hippies and socialist loons. They then proclaim that they are so knowledgeable about politics and the world and go out in to said world and buy a hybrid car, get some organic veggie dogs, and than make incredibly rude and inappropriate statements about people who disagree with them, all the while criticizing their opponents for being 'mean spirited,etc.

Here's what I believe the big issue is. I love Family Guy, the more ridiculous the jokes the better. Public figures deserve public ridicule, it's part of the job. But specifically targeting an infant with special needs is, in my opinion not fair. The child is not a politician and can not in any way, shape or form defend his or her self from such attacks. Go after Palin all you want. Leave babies out of this. It's not even justifiable by using the argument that since the actress playing the character in Family Guy has down syndrome it's ok for her to make such statements. I wonder if she would find it just as humorous if I told her that I thought she was overweight, unattractive, and if she has any kids, that she is a bad parent. I'm sure she would just be rolling on the floor with laughter.
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