"Choose Life" license plates becoming popular despite criticism from 'pro-choice' groups.

23 states have approved and are selling "Choose Life" themed license plates causing an uproar with 'pro-choice' advocates who don't feel that a license plate is a place for politics. They have of course decided to start making their own 'pro-choice' plates.

Activists are pushing a "Trust Women/Protect Choice" license plate in Virginia, which would become the fourth state to offer a pro-choice plate and the first to require legislative approval for it. Supporters have threatened to sue if lawmakers don't give drivers the option.
According to NewsMax the states offering the 'pro-choice' themed plates aren't seeing nearly as much activity as their opponents.

More than 520,000 of the plates have been sold nationwide since 2000, raising more than $11 million for pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, adoption services and maternity homes.

Those on the other side of the debate have not mounted a coordinated response. Even in states where the plates are offered, they haven't sold well, though at least 400 people have signed up to buy the pro-choice plates in Virginia.

Hawaii was first with a "Respect Choice" decal for plates in 2003, but lack of interest is threatening to halt its availability. A "Pro-family, Pro-choice" plate is available in Montana, and Pennsylvania has a plate labeled "Planned Parenthood of PA." However, only 22 of those are active.
The most amusing thing about this debate is that the 'pro-choice; crowd like to dub those who support life as the 'anti-choice' movement,failing to recognize that 'life' is a choice, and by most accounts a very good one. The other major failing of the 'pro-abortion' sect is their inability to recognize the crisis created by groups like planned parenthood, an organization started by a women whose stated goal was the extermination of black people. Planned parenthood offers you many choices, but after several visits I made with my wife I didn't see any conspicuously placed literature on not getting an abortion, or adoption services, etc. I'm sure they have them, right?

Block Quotes Source: NewsMax
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