Asshat of the Week #6:James Clyburn

Democrat South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn is one crazy dude. This guy makes the average patient at Bellevue look sane. This is the gentleman who made the claim that global warming will harm blacks more than the rest of America. Now is quoted as saying:

"We're not going to save our way out of this recession ... We've got to spend our way out of this recession, and I think most economists know that."
Ok. I think we all know which economists he's talking about. You know, the ones in the corner in the funny hats, feverishly chewing on their knee caps, or Keynesian economists if you will. Somehow, to some brilliant minds the answer is quite simple. If you have no money, spend more. I see. So crank up the printing presses, it's minting time. His type of obviously insane behavior doesn't worry Democrats. In fact, most of them embrace their crazy ideals with a passion that would make Adolph Hitler jealous.

So I'm not really surprised that James Clyburn really believes his own baloney. He's been eating it for years. To be fair to the Democrats, history shows that when Reagan hit office things were bad, by the end of his first year they got worse. He initiated the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 and by the end of 1982 unemployment had climbed to 10.8% the highest since the great depression.

However following that peak it took a sharp decline and stayed around the 6% mark for the last few years of his presidency. Of course Reagan did this with across the board tax cuts not with bailouts, but the situation is similar. I will give Obama until the 3rd month of his third year before I pass judgment on his Economic Stimulus Package.(I know, it's going to fail, but what the hell, I can pretend to be fair, right?)

Clyburn is the reason we are where we are now. This is the same attitude the Democrats have always had. "Throw money at it." has always been their answer to any crisis. In most cases the situations got worse, not better. The evidence is in things like Democrat education reform, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the takeover of General Motors. Our children are graduating high school dumber than ever, Fannie and Freddie may be scrapped completely, and more people are buying defective Toyota's than GM's(GM still leads in truck sales, however.)

What we need to do is Reaganize things a bit. Across the board tax cuts. We need to quell our frenzy of buying when it comes to the crap China is selling us and start promoting American companies who make the same products. We should however spend heavily to encourage the creation of new businesses whose products can directly compete with the Chinese. We already know it will be better quality, now we just need to get the cost of these goods down to meet the challenge.

The way to do this is of course to connect the businesses that make the parts to create said goods so American business help spur growth in other American Businesses. There is a snag here, however. Some of these parts, particularly machine tooled parts are no longer made here by anyone. They were all driven out of business by foreign businesses with cheap, plentiful labor and much lower price points than their American rivals. It can happen, but to be perfectly honest we would need to find a way to fund these start-ups without actually making them government controlled entities themselves.

I know this sounds kind of radical, but it's not a question of expanding government, but reclaiming the American spirit of labor. We used to be leaders in so many areas. We had some of the highest quality products in the world with incredible warranties to match. These businesses gave people careers, not just jobs, and they provided healthy pension plans to those who gave their lives in service of that company.
Now we are lucky if the average factory worker will retire broke and spend their golden years scrimping and saving and trying to live on the pittance they receive from their Social Security checks.

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