Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nancy Pelosi claims GOP has hijacked the Tea Party movement

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at it again. She is again questioning the validity of the "Tea-Party" movement, and whether it is a true 'grass-roots' movement or just a front put up by the Republicans to push their agenda.

Pelosi has called tea party voters the "astroturf" movement. Many claim that they are heavily funded by the GOP and other conservative groups. I for one have reviewed hours of video from around the internet and it is clear that the only funded group out there are the pro-Obamacare leftists that show up to protest the "Tea-Party" members.  Conservative protesters with hand made signs usually magic-marker on poster board are met with professionally printed signs and 'paid' protesters bussed in for the event.(ACORN was behind quite a few of these organized protests.)
She doesn't think they are all bad though. She claims that she, like the "Tea-Party" protesters both have a disdain for special interests in Washington. Also, the Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance that allows companies and unions to spend freely on ads that promote particular candidates. If you believe that, than I have a bridge I want to sell you. The Democrats have consistently buddied up to all sorts of lobbying and special interest groups. President Obama even promised no special interest groups or lobbyists in his organization, than he went and hired some anyways.

This type of comment by Speaker Pelosi is just another attempt to slow down the bullet train that is the new conservative movement in this country. For months these so-called "Tea-Parties" have been a popular fixture all across America. The recent upsets in Virginia and New Jersey, and the devastating defeat in Massachusetts that left Democrats short a seat in the Senate. Despite heavy criticism from Hollywood, television, the MSM, and the Democrats, Sarah Palin is becoming more and more popular among conservatives. Her book "Going Rogue" Has sold over 500,000 copies with a second-run of the books published in November of 2009 to make a grand total of 1.6 million hardcover copies of the book in-print.
She is currently #158 on Amazon beating out veterans like Glenn Beck,Bill O'Reilly and Mark Levin.

Democrats are starting to get worried. More senators and congressmen from the left are retiring or not seeking re-election in November. While a fresh batch of young, up and coming conservative voices are hitting the campaign trail. Some of these up-starts could turn the tables in predominantly Liberal states like California and Washington. If the Republicans win big in November it could put an end to the Democrats insane policy schemes in Washington(D.C.). This could help keep their momentum going for the 2012 elections and a conservative presidential win.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Democrats accuse Republicans of not having an alternative health care plan.

The White house has decided that the best way to start off their feel-good bi-partisan health care bonanza was to accuse Republicans of not having a plan of their own. Doesn't really help the matter in the least, and, it's a lie.
The GOP has had a summary and a 219 page document outlining their alternative to the Democrats nearly 2,000 page monstrosity. I had read the original House bill in it's 1,100 pages of glory many months ago. It was to say the least, vague and full of services that were unnecessary, or incomprehensible to anyone but the most skilled linguist of mumbo-jumbo and gobbledygook.
White house spokesman Robert Gibbs and Dan Pfeiffer had this to say on the WH own website.
The President believes strongly that Thursday's bipartisan meeting on health insurance reform will be most productive if both sides come to the table with a unified plan to start discussion - and if the public has the opportunity to inspect those proposals up close before the meeting happens.
That's why yesterday the White House posted online the President's proposal for bridging the differences between the Senate- and House-passed health insurance reform bills...
As we said today, we'll be happy to post the Republican plan on our website once they indicate to us which one we should post. We hope they won't pass up this opportunity to make their case to the American people.
Which one? There is only one, and you already have a  link to it on your website. Is Gibbs and his associates so lost that they don't even know they posted a link to the oppositions health care plan? I would have assumed they would be on top of something that the President and the Democratic leadership thinks is so crucial to the country.
To make matters worse for our friends on the left the CBO(Congressional Budget Office)says that the Democrats proposed health care bill does not provide specific enough details for them to give an estimate at this time. The CBO did, however score the Republicans alternative health care plan back in November of last year. They stated at that time the Republicans alternative would reduce the federal deficit by 70 billion dollars over the next 10 years. However it should be noted this plan covers roughly only 3 million people in comparison to the over inflated number of 30 or 40 million people the Democrats want to provide coverage for.
The Democrats plan ignores the fact that many of the people on their list are uninsured of their own accord, or are between jobs and only temporarily without insurance. Considering the fact that anyone with little or no income can apply for Medicaid through Social Services already, it's unclear just who needs health care at the moment. Some areas are without a nearby Social Services office, which could make it difficult for some to get this kind of aid. A quick Google search reveals that you can apply for food stamps and Medicaid online in many states.
It is becoming quite clear that the debate is not about health care, but that it is about control. The Democrats have this ingrained need to control peoples lives on every level. They have managed to convince blacks that racism is a problem with the Republicans, yet history shows it has always been Republicans fighting for rights for minorities. They try and make people feel bad by claiming that illegal immigrants are only here to feed their families, when there are a large number who are here simply to avoid prosecution for crimes they committed in their home country, or to take advantage of the free health and monetary benefits we will provide for them.
The longer we ignore he lies of the Democrats the longer we will languish in a down-turned economy with no hope in sight. The recent upsets in state and senatorial elections are showing that some people have decided to reject the promises of Democrats and have instead thrown their support behind Republican candidates who have shown a more organic empathy toward the voters than their opponents on the left. Scott Brown is a prime example of how the Democrats are losing touch with their constituents. A revitalized GOP has been making inroads with the voters for months now and continue to build momentum as we inch closer to the November interim elections.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NY Terror Suspect Najibullah Zazi Pleads Guilty


An Afghan immigrant accused of conspiring to attack New York City with bombs has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. He also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country and providing material support for a terrorist organization.  Najibullah Zazi entered the plea Monday in a New York court as part of a deal with prosecutors.

Zazi was arrested in Colorado last year and transferred to New York, where he was charged in the alleged plot.

After pleading guilty, Zazi told the court that in August 2008, he and others planned to go to Afghanistan to join the Taliban to fight against the U.S. military and allied forces.

Instead, they were recruited and trained by al-Qaida in Pakistan, and agreed to carry out suicide missions in the U.S.

Zazi said he planned to use chemicals obtained at beauty supply stores to make bombs to detonate on Manhattan subway lines in September 2009. But he became concerned that police were investigating and disposed of the materials.

The investigation of Zazi also includes charges against two former high school classmates, and an uncle and Zazi's father.

In a Washington news conference following the pleas, Attorney General Eric Holder had this to say:

"This attempted attack on our homeland was real," said Eric Holder. "It was in motion. And it would have been deadly."

Zazi faces life in prison when he is sentenced in June. His lawyers and prosecutors jointly asked the court to keep sealed the details of the agreement that led to Zazi's guilty pleas. 

Find this article at:VOANEWS
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Guy Actress Responds To Sarah Palin's Criticism

So let me see if I understand correctly. The general consensus is Sarah Palin is a b*itch because she fails to see the humor in making fun of her handicapped child. Sarah Palin is also a bad mother because you find the way she holds the child to be incorrect or amusing to you. I think Sarah Palin was way off base calling for Rahm Emmanual to resign. I also think that the vast majority of people like to spew vitriol without providing one shred of real evidence.

Prove to me that Sarah Palin is a bad mother(No the way she holds her child, and the affair with her pregnant daughter are not sufficient, these do not say anything about parenting style.(Teenage boys and girls have sex regardless of what you tell them.)This woman has made some mistakes, factual errors, etc. Yet a large portion of Democrat voters don't even know who Nancy Pelosi is.

For the last 3 decades education in this country has been degrading in our nations public schools. These same under-educated children go to college and are indoctrinated by old hippies and socialist loons. They then proclaim that they are so knowledgeable about politics and the world and go out in to said world and buy a hybrid car, get some organic veggie dogs, and than make incredibly rude and inappropriate statements about people who disagree with them, all the while criticizing their opponents for being 'mean spirited,etc.

Here's what I believe the big issue is. I love Family Guy, the more ridiculous the jokes the better. Public figures deserve public ridicule, it's part of the job. But specifically targeting an infant with special needs is, in my opinion not fair. The child is not a politician and can not in any way, shape or form defend his or her self from such attacks. Go after Palin all you want. Leave babies out of this. It's not even justifiable by using the argument that since the actress playing the character in Family Guy has down syndrome it's ok for her to make such statements. I wonder if she would find it just as humorous if I told her that I thought she was overweight, unattractive, and if she has any kids, that she is a bad parent. I'm sure she would just be rolling on the floor with laughter.
About Sarah Palin
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Asshat of the Week #6:James Clyburn

Democrat South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn is one crazy dude. This guy makes the average patient at Bellevue look sane. This is the gentleman who made the claim that global warming will harm blacks more than the rest of America. Now is quoted as saying:

"We're not going to save our way out of this recession ... We've got to spend our way out of this recession, and I think most economists know that."
Ok. I think we all know which economists he's talking about. You know, the ones in the corner in the funny hats, feverishly chewing on their knee caps, or Keynesian economists if you will. Somehow, to some brilliant minds the answer is quite simple. If you have no money, spend more. I see. So crank up the printing presses, it's minting time. His type of obviously insane behavior doesn't worry Democrats. In fact, most of them embrace their crazy ideals with a passion that would make Adolph Hitler jealous.

So I'm not really surprised that James Clyburn really believes his own baloney. He's been eating it for years. To be fair to the Democrats, history shows that when Reagan hit office things were bad, by the end of his first year they got worse. He initiated the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 and by the end of 1982 unemployment had climbed to 10.8% the highest since the great depression.

However following that peak it took a sharp decline and stayed around the 6% mark for the last few years of his presidency. Of course Reagan did this with across the board tax cuts not with bailouts, but the situation is similar. I will give Obama until the 3rd month of his third year before I pass judgment on his Economic Stimulus Package.(I know, it's going to fail, but what the hell, I can pretend to be fair, right?)

Clyburn is the reason we are where we are now. This is the same attitude the Democrats have always had. "Throw money at it." has always been their answer to any crisis. In most cases the situations got worse, not better. The evidence is in things like Democrat education reform, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the takeover of General Motors. Our children are graduating high school dumber than ever, Fannie and Freddie may be scrapped completely, and more people are buying defective Toyota's than GM's(GM still leads in truck sales, however.)

What we need to do is Reaganize things a bit. Across the board tax cuts. We need to quell our frenzy of buying when it comes to the crap China is selling us and start promoting American companies who make the same products. We should however spend heavily to encourage the creation of new businesses whose products can directly compete with the Chinese. We already know it will be better quality, now we just need to get the cost of these goods down to meet the challenge.

The way to do this is of course to connect the businesses that make the parts to create said goods so American business help spur growth in other American Businesses. There is a snag here, however. Some of these parts, particularly machine tooled parts are no longer made here by anyone. They were all driven out of business by foreign businesses with cheap, plentiful labor and much lower price points than their American rivals. It can happen, but to be perfectly honest we would need to find a way to fund these start-ups without actually making them government controlled entities themselves.

I know this sounds kind of radical, but it's not a question of expanding government, but reclaiming the American spirit of labor. We used to be leaders in so many areas. We had some of the highest quality products in the world with incredible warranties to match. These businesses gave people careers, not just jobs, and they provided healthy pension plans to those who gave their lives in service of that company.
Now we are lucky if the average factory worker will retire broke and spend their golden years scrimping and saving and trying to live on the pittance they receive from their Social Security checks.

Asshat Of The Week #5:Barney Frank

Asshat of the week #5 is none other than Barney Frank. As we all know Barney(not the purple dinosaur from childrens' cartoons)the illustrious chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services has been a thorn in the side of the Republicans even before he filled the Chairman's seat in 2007. He was one of many Democrats who, during meetings in2003, 2004 and 2005 on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac denied that there was any need for oversight on those two businesses. But it requires little thought as to WHY the Democrats fought so viciously to convince everyone that there was no real need for oversight in to these two entities. This little tidbit from Wikipedia should clear things up.(PS numerous other website corroborate this information, I can not in good conscience post information from Wikipedia as fact unless I can gather evidence from other sources as well.)

 Several Democrats who served as executives of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac include Franklin Raines, former Budget Director for President Clinton and current Housing Policy advisor to Barack Obama, CEO from 1999 to 2004; James Johnson, former aide to Democratic Vice-President Walter Mondale and ex-head of Obama's Vice-Presidential Selection Committee, CEO from 1991 to 1998; and Jamie Gorelick, former Deputy Attorney General to President Clinton, and Vice-Chairman from 1998 to 2003. In his position, Johnson earned an estimated $21 million; Raines earned an estimated $90 million; and Gorelick earned an estimated $26 million.[27] All three top executives were also involved in mortgage-related financial scandals.[28][29] 

The top five recipients of campaign contributions from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae during the 1989 to 2008 time period are Christopher Dodd, (D-CT) $133,900, John Kerry, (D-MA) $111,000, Barack Obama, (D-IL) $105,849, Hillary Clinton, (D-NY) $75,550, and Paul Kanjorski,(D-PA) $65,500.[30]. John McCain received $21,550 from these GSEs during this time.[31] Freddie Mac also contributed $250,000 to the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota according to FEC filings [32]. The organizers of the Democratic National Convention have not yet submitted their filings on how much they received from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (the latter of which tends more to support Democratic candidates).[33]

Barney Frank was very vocal about his objections to oversight on Fannie and Freddie.

''These two entities - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - are not facing any kind of financial crisis,'' said Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee. ''The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.''
Frank has continued his objection until just last week when it became apparent that Scott Brown was really going to shake things up in Washington(Brown even carried Barney's district in that Obamacare killing election.)he decided to change his tune. This, in my opinion is the most epic 'flip-flop' since John Kerry's "I voted for the bill, before I voted against it." statement during his ill-fated 2004 presidential campaign. Here is what Barney "the dancing queen" Frank had to say about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

 "I believe this committee will be recommending abolishing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in their current form and coming up with a whole new system of housing finance," he said at a committee hearing. "That's the approach, rather than the piecemeal one."
 Wow, if I was Barney Franks boyfriend I would just pack up and leave now, it won't be long before he turns on you and outs himself as a closet hetero. This sort of behavior is starting to worry me. If the Republicans dominate in 2010 and all the Democrats become turn-coats or retire, where will we be? And don't tell me better off, when either groups controls too much of our government they always mess it up. I think, given the volatility of the current political landscape the time is ripe for a new party to emerge. Do I even have to say it? The people we really need to be nearing from right now are Libertarians.

Barney Frank is a disappointment, but he's also a Democrat so that is to be expected. He like so many other Democrats are adept at changing their spots to blend in with the ever changing climate in Washington. They occasionally bare their teeth when they are feeling dominate, as they have been since Obama was elected. But now that the honeymoon is over, they are slowly slinking back in to their caves and quietly sobbing to themselves about glories that could have been.

American Thinker

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Republicans Demand Military Trial For 9/11 Suspects

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.,  to discuss the terror trials, 02 Feb 2010
Photo: AP
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to discuss the terror trials, 02 Feb 2010
The White House says U.S. President Barack Obama would consider a military trial for five men charged with planning the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.  Republicans and Democrats are criticizing the administration's decision to hold the trial in a civilian court in New York.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder decided last year that the trial of five suspects in the 9-11 attacks would take place in a federal court in New York City.

Now, President Obama is taking another look at that decision, according to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, to prevent possible intervention in the matter by the U.S. Senate.  "There are efforts on Capitol Hill, through legislation, to restrict either the type of or the venue of a trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators.  That, by definition, involves the White House and, ultimately, the president," he said.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is sponsoring legislation to stop terror suspects held at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from being brought to the United States for civilian trials.  In his party's weekly address Saturday, Graham says civilian trials of al-Qaida terrorists are dangerous. "Never before have we allowed non-citizen, enemy combatants captured on the battlefield access to our civilian courts providing them with the same constitutional rights as American citizens," he sqid.

Graham refers to the 1995 trial in which Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman was convicted in a federal court of plotting the first attempt to blow up New York's World Trade Center.

He says civilian court rules required the government to disclose to the defense the identity of all known co-conspirators, one of whom was Osama bin Laden. "Our intelligence services later learned this list made its way back to bin Laden tipping him off about our surveillance.  A conviction was obtained in that trial, but valuable intelligence was compromised.  The rest is history," he said.

Graham says military tribunals are the best way to render justice and protect the nation from terrorists. "These trials will be conducted by the same men and women who administer justice to our own troops.  They are competent professionals with a great understanding of their obligations under the law.  It is a system of justice that allows us to move securely forward in this war while upholding our values," he said.

Since Attorney General Holder decided to seek a civilian prosecution, military charges lodged by the administration of previous President George W. Bush were dismissed last month.  White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Friday those charges could be revived, now that the Obama administration has made reforms in the military justice system. "The reform efforts that have been brought about insure the type of protections that would withstand constitutional and Supreme Court scrutiny," he said.

The White House has been under fire on security issues since a Nigerian man allegedly tried to blow up an airliner landing in Detroit late last year.

Gibbs sought to reassure lawmakers from both parties, as well as some foreign governments, that wherever the 9-11 trial is held, the U.S. will vigorously prosecute the suspects. "One way or the other, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be brought to justice by these decisions.  I do not think you can be any tougher than that.  This president has, without going into great detail, taken the fight internationally to terror suspects," he said.

Gibbs said the president is taking into account security and logistical concerns, after objections were raised by local officials in New York.

Courtesy of: VOA
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Three shot dead at University of Alabama in Huntsville

Three people were killed and another was injured during a campus shooting at University of Alabama's Shelby Center for Science and Technology in Huntsville, Alabama. Several other possible victims were soon rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital. The surrounding area has since been cordoned off, and the entire university is currently under lockdown.
"We have three confirmed people who are dead, one injured. The police have secured the building. The shooter is in custody," university spokesperson, Ray Garner, told local media on the scene. Mr. Garner also said the shooter was a female, but he could not identify her or any of the victims.


Courtesy of:WikiNews
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Nancy Pelosi bipartisan Haiti delegation-1 Republican 11 Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi announces she's leading a bipartisan delegation to Haiti. The delegation consists of 11 Democrats and 1 Republican. Nincompoop Nancy even used the word 'bipartisan' 5 times during her press release about the trip to Haiti.
Wow. She must feel really proud. Perhaps this is the kind of bipartisanship we will see at the finally televised health-care debate the president is hosting. We will finally get to see the whole thing live on the air as Obama tries to convince Republicans to resurrect the now dead 'Obamacare' bill.

"It is also crucial that the House and Senate -- on a bipartisan basis -- have the opportunity to examine the ongoing reconstruction efforts ahead of the U.S. Congress considering long-term reconstruction assistance for Haiti," Pelosi said. 
Doesn't she just make it sound all loving, like one big happy political family.
Get a grip Nancy, we have work to do and you are simply in the way.

I don't need to tell you dear reader that this is ludicrous. The Democrats are showing their true colors once again by using a few less than astute Republicans as figureheads for a non-existent campaign to love and togetherness.

I hope that by the time this sham of a televised health care debate airs that the remaining Republicans will snap out of their day dream and realize they are about to get duped. Obama is desperate and is playing for keeps. He is willing to stoop to any level to achieve his Utopian Socialist agenda. Let's not join him on this journey, shall we?
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Choose Life" license plates becoming popular despite criticism from 'pro-choice' groups.

23 states have approved and are selling "Choose Life" themed license plates causing an uproar with 'pro-choice' advocates who don't feel that a license plate is a place for politics. They have of course decided to start making their own 'pro-choice' plates.

Activists are pushing a "Trust Women/Protect Choice" license plate in Virginia, which would become the fourth state to offer a pro-choice plate and the first to require legislative approval for it. Supporters have threatened to sue if lawmakers don't give drivers the option.
According to NewsMax the states offering the 'pro-choice' themed plates aren't seeing nearly as much activity as their opponents.

More than 520,000 of the plates have been sold nationwide since 2000, raising more than $11 million for pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, adoption services and maternity homes.

Those on the other side of the debate have not mounted a coordinated response. Even in states where the plates are offered, they haven't sold well, though at least 400 people have signed up to buy the pro-choice plates in Virginia.

Hawaii was first with a "Respect Choice" decal for plates in 2003, but lack of interest is threatening to halt its availability. A "Pro-family, Pro-choice" plate is available in Montana, and Pennsylvania has a plate labeled "Planned Parenthood of PA." However, only 22 of those are active.
The most amusing thing about this debate is that the 'pro-choice; crowd like to dub those who support life as the 'anti-choice' movement,failing to recognize that 'life' is a choice, and by most accounts a very good one. The other major failing of the 'pro-abortion' sect is their inability to recognize the crisis created by groups like planned parenthood, an organization started by a women whose stated goal was the extermination of black people. Planned parenthood offers you many choices, but after several visits I made with my wife I didn't see any conspicuously placed literature on not getting an abortion, or adoption services, etc. I'm sure they have them, right?

Block Quotes Source: NewsMax
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Former President Bill Clinton hospitalized for heart procedure.

*en: Official White House photo of President B...Image via Wikipedia
From Fox News:

Bill Clinton underwent a heart procedure at a New York City hospital Thursday to get two stents implanted after he felt "discomfort in his chest," a representative for the former president said.

The former president, 63, "is in good spirits" after the operation at the Columbia campus of New York Presbyterian Hospital, Clinton laywer Douglas Band said in a written statement. Clinton underwent the procedure to place the stents in one of his coronary arteries following a visit to his cardiologist, Band said.

"President Clinton ... will continue to focus on the work of his foundation and Haiti's relief and long-term recovery efforts," he said.

Dr. Alan Schwartz, his cardiologist, said there was, "no evidence of a heart attack."

Clinton went to see Schwartz because he was experiencing "chest discomforts, brief in nature" on a repetitive basis over the past several day.

Schwartz said the former president's prognosis is excellent and he was already up and walking around.

"We hope to have him go home tomorrow," he said. "The goal of the treatment is for President Clinton to resume his very active lifestyle."

He said the incident was in no way a result of the former president's lifestyle or diet, adding Clinton is in "excellent condition."

Clinton went through quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 to free four blocked arteries.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their daughter Chelsea were both at the hospital.

Officials said Hillary Clinton will push her trip to the Middle East back a day, leaving Saturday instead of Friday.

President Obama spoke to Clinton Thursday night and wished him a speedy recovery, a White House official told Fox News.

Obama told Clinton that the efforts in Haiti were too important for him to be laid up for too long and hopes he'll be ready to get back to work as soon as possible, the official said.

Clinton said he was feeling "absolutely great."

Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld told Fox News that a stent procedure like this, involving angioplasty, is common for people who have had bypass surgery.

"When the coronary artery is blocked, there are two major options for restoring blood flow to the portion of the heart muscle that's been deprived," Rosenfeld said. "One is angioplasty and the other is bypass surgery."

Rosenfeld added that "the angioplasty is much easier, but over the long run, bypass operations carry less chance of the artery becoming (blocked) down the road."

Former President George W. Bush, who is working with Bill Clinton on the relief efforts in Haiti, and his wife, Laura, sent his prayers to him for a speedy recovery.

"President Bush spoke to Chelsea Clinton this afternoon and was glad to hear that her father is doing well and that his spirits are high," David Sherzer, spokesman for the former president, said in a written statement. "President Bush looks forward to continuing to work with his friend on Haiti relief and rebuilding."

Former President George H.W. Bush, who teamed up with Clinton in 2005 for tsunami relief efforts in Asia, also wished Clinton a "speedy and full recovery."

A Democratic source close to the family told Fox News the former president, who recently traveled to Haiti, had been feeling ill after returning and complaining of chest pains for "days."

"This is something that I believe was there just waiting to cause a problem," he said.

Dr. Steven Garner of New York Methodist Hospital told Fox News the "stress" of the president's recent trips to Haiti could have triggered a heart problem.

A hospital spokeswoman declined to comment.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin called"Merchant of Hate" after Tea Party convention speech.

The comments from liberal news organizations after Sarah Palin made her speech at the Tea Party convention she attended are beyond hate filled.. Articles from many online news organizations claiming that she is part of a desperate Republican movement to solidify their crumbling base and her Tea Party affiliation is just another ploy by the Palin camp to bolster her dying career. If you think the internet community of bloggers and amateur journalists comments are bad, the response from the MSM is just plain sickening here is a little taste.

BILL PRESS: "We were interested in what you get for $100,000. Not much, is I'd have to say, you know. If I paid her that, I'd want my money back.
BOB SHRUM: "What we heard tonight was more a masterful exercise - masterful - in paranoid politics. I mean, she came across to me as a merchant of hate with an oh gosh smile..."

RACHEL MADDOW: Tom Tancredo who started the event off with ... a big loud racist bang ... So the convention opened with a clarion call to bring back the literacy tests for voting. And as you could hear, the tea party convention crowd erupted in cheers at the suggestion, although, to be fair, it was sort of hard to tell exactly what the sounds coming from the crowd meant. They were sort of a little bit muffled by, you know, the white hoods.

The real desperation is obvious. The media and the Democrats are scared. Really scared. After devastating losses in Virginia, New Jersey, and the Senate win for Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the loss of Chris Dodd, Byron Dorgan and Governor Bill Ritter who will not be seeking re-election for their respective posts this year.
Preliminary poll numbers show Republicans edging out their democratic rivals in many states. While these numbers don't mean much now with the election still 9+ months away it does give the Republicans the look of being revitalized and ready to tear down the Obama Administration before it's socialist policies destroy the country.

Beyond the desperation in the voices of these people is the hypocrisy of their statements. Palin being referred to as a "Merchant of Hate" Than to have Rachel Maddow ignorantly call the Tea Party convention audience racist KKK members without any proof is just despicable. Beyond the mentally deficient smile of Keith Olbermann and his bile spewing nonsense that is somehow still on the air, we have his even dumber, lesbian rugby player half-sister Rachel Maddow. No they aren't really related, but they could easily pass as siblings.  Maddow is a sexless robot with a mannish voice and and a face so rugged as to make Dolph Lundgren look like a Ford fashion model.

These immoral clowns will do anything to make their opponents look bad, so I don't feel the least bit ironic for laying the hate right back at them. Sarah Palin is a wonderful women and history will prove it, mark my words. The Democrats are going to lose big in 2010, and in 2012 we may see newcomers like Sarah Palin and Gov. Bobby Jindal battle it out for the White house. Perhaps they can run together and we can have a truly historic election. the first Women president, and the first Indian vice-president.
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Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha Dead at 77.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman John Murt...
Democratic Rep. John Murtha, A veteran of the Vietnam war, and the first Vet from that conflict to become a member of congress, died Monday  at Virginia Hospital Center after complications from gallbladder surgery. Murtha was 77.
 A statement released form the Congressman's office read:

"Congressman John P. Murtha (PA-12) passed away peacefully this afternoon at 1:18 p.m. at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, Va. At his bedside was his family,"
 Murtha's years in the Marines were called in to question in 2002 when two years after Murtha voted for the war in the Pennsylvania Democrat called for the United States to withdraw.Rep. Jean Schmidt, the newest member of the House at the time,was in favor of the war and commented to Murtha that "cowards cut and run, Marines never do." Schmidt's remarks caused and uproar on the House floor as lawmakers rose to Murtha's defense. Schmidt later said she didn't know that Murtha was a Marine. She withdrew her comments and apologized.

While it's usually a bad idea to bad mouth a veteran, and one should always show respect for those who serve their countries there are two such veterans I have no qualms in attacking despite their service. John Murtha and John Kerry. These two men are very poor examples of a soldier of the United States of America. Kerry fought in Vietnam, than came home and testified to the atrocities of the conflict. Years later, Kerry's former squad mates would dis him in a presidential campaign ad commonly referred to as the "Swift Boat" affair. Murtha is just as bad when he did exactly as Jean Schmidt suggested. He stated he wanted to cut and run.
Murtha's career was spotted with controversy. John Murtha has been scrutinized numerous times for his many pork barrell requests, the stream of shady donations including 2.5 million from the now defunct PMA lobbying firm. He would be criticized again in 2008 when he remarked "There's no question western Pennsylvania is a racist area." after being asked about Obama's chances of carrying Murtha's district.

no word yet on the funeral arrangements.
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Libertarian Party:The future of American Politics

The two party system is failing. As it slowly crumbles to dust in the confusion and dismay Americans are slowly waking up to the cold reality that we have been abandoned by our representatives in Washington. Our elected officials are sad marionettes, pulling each other strings until there is nothing but a tangle of wires and flopping limbs walking the halls of Congress. As our government continues to expand, we lose some of our domination in the worlds marketplace. As government continues to expand we lose more and more of our freedoms. As government expands we become more like the disheveled countries of old Europe struggling to survive as their peoples wander in a melancholy malaise, losing all hope for a brighter future.

As we spy these events that are unfolding before us, you have to ask yourself. What will our part in history be? Will we be remembered as the generation of overdosing celebrities and twittering social zombie cyborgs? Or will we be the generation that wakes up from it's long slumber and sets straight the crooked ship of our Republic before we lose it? The Libertarian Party of the United States has been slowly emerging from the woodwork to become a popular alternative to the Grand Old Party and the Democratic Party who are so lost in their eternal struggle, polar opposites, never meeting in the middle and never breaking new ground.

With the Libertarian Party we are seeing a vibrant new group whose ideas play to our want of fairness and our yearning for more freedom and less government control. Libertarians, more concerned with 'keeping it real' and organizing the people, and not spending all of their time trying to maintain an unrealistic image.Libertarians are generally bright, scholarly people, and people who are tired of feeling like government is taking to much of an interest in their lives and not enough of an interest in keeping this great nation functioning.

Libertarians generally support a smaller overall government, the Fair Tax, and most want laws that look at cases in a more individual fashion than the blanket style of justice we practice now. Such as the sexual predator laws in this country that are skewed so that they are used to convict the very people they were designed to protect. Most Libertarians also want less or no drug laws, instead focusing on treatment options as opposed to incarceration for addicts. Some in the group are more partial to less conventional modes of government(or lack thereof) such as Anarcho-Capitalism and Socialist Libertarianism. (Hopefully these types will remain miniscule, as they represent a very radical departure from most of their ilk.)

Prominent Libertarians like Neal Boortz and Ron Paul are making headway in spreading the word about the movement and more join the ranks every day. Neal Boortz hosts a radio show, and is the author of a few books on his political views and even the co-author of two books on the Fair Tax along with Congressman John Linder. The movement attributed to the likes of John Locke, Herbert Spencer, Milton Friedman, and Henry David Thoreau, even my mentor and arguably the most influential Science Fiction writer in history Robert A. Heinlein was a huge influence on the Libertarian movement. I Implore you to do the research and find out if the Libertarian Party is right for you.

Free Tibet:Boycott China

China has warned the United States that ties between the two countries will be strained if the US President meets the Dalai Lama. This follows the little progress achieved at "sharply divided" talks between China and the representatives of the Dalai Lama in China. Chinese Communist Party official Zhu Weiqun, speaking at a press conference to discuss the five-day visit by the representatives, said that "corresponding action" would be taken if the White House did not step down. He elaborated, stating that "it will seriously undermine the foundations of Sino-US political relations", and that China would take "corresponding action to make relevant countries see their mistakes."
Cquote1.svg We oppose any attempt by foreign forces to interfere in China's internal affairs using the Dalai Lama as an excuse Cquote2.svg
—Zhu Weigun
He added, "The Dalai Lama is already 75. We hope he will face up to reality, change his stand and make a correct choice for the remainder of his life." He went on to say that "We oppose any attempt by foreign forces to interfere in China's internal affairs using the Dalai Lama as an excuse," referring to the United States.
The Dalai Lama fled Tibet after an uprising rebelling against China failed in 1959. The talks between the exiled supporters & China follow a conference last month, held by Chinese leaders, to review Tibet policies.
Tibet saw major unrest in March of 2008, and riots and demonstrations are a regular occurrence, although the Chinese Government believes that its policies in Tibet are correct.
This development adds to previous tension between the United States and China, caused by issues over internet censorship and the US-Taiwan arms deal announced last week.

From Wikinews

After reading this story I am convinced that now is the time to do the unthinkable. We must cut all ties with China, place an embargo on all Chinese goods, and demand that China release all hold on Tibet and allow it to be a free and independent country. We have suffered through years of human rights violation, the pedantic and often times sickening displays of propaganda and inhumane treatment of the people that were brought back in the form of news and pictures from the Beijing Olympics. We bend over backwards trying to maintian a civil dialog with these people when in the end, China will still be a communist stronghold and we will have sat idly by while millions die at the hands of this despotic regime.

Resources on Tibet:

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Latest News from the Middle East

February 2nd, 2010
Female Suicide Bomber kills 41 in Iraq
A woman Iraqi suicide bomber yesterday killed at least 41 people, including women and children, and injured at least one hundred others in north-eastern Baghdad, according to an interior ministry spokesman.
Full Story >>
Roadside bombs kill two British soldiers in Afghanistan
The Afghan Ministry of Defence yesterday made the announcement that two soldiers who came from the United Kingdom had been killed in two explosions in the country. Both soldiers came from 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment.
Full Story >>
Officials say at least seventeen killed by suspected US drones in Pakistan
According to reports from officials, at least sixteen militants were killed in Pakistan earlier today when suspected US drone attacks struck a village in the North Waziristan region, along the border with Afghanistan.
Full Story >>


February 3rd, 2010
At least seven dead after bomb blast in Northwestern Pakistan
ccording to reports, at least eight people, including three United States military personnel and four schoolgirls, were killed earlier today by a roadside bomb near a girls' school in north-western Pakistan. Another 62 were injured. The incident occurred in a village in the Lower Dir district, near Swat Valley.
Full Story >>

February 4th, 2010
Pakistan arrests 35 people suspected in US soldiers' death
According to Pakistani officials, thirty-five suspects have been arrested as part of their investigation into the bombing in north-west Pakistan that killed three American soldiers and four Pakistanis on Wednesday. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bomb and threatened more attacks.
Full Story >>

Compliments of Wikinews

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rahm Emmanuel apologizes to head of Special Olympics over "f-ing retarded" comment.

Rahm Emmanuel is in the hot seat for using the phrase "f-ing retarded' at a strategy session months ago. He is now meeting with Tim Shriver head of the Special Olympics, and other advocates for disabled people to try and quell the controversy. I have a problem with this. This is not news. This is not controversy. This is not even a fart from an ant. Why in the name of all holy hell is there an inquisition going on? Did they really need to call in the head of the Special Olympics on this? This is the equivalent of calling the pope every time someone says 'Jesus Christ' in a crowded room.

Worse yet, the phrase Mr. Emmanuel so un-eloquently used is such a common colloquialism as to be laughable. If these advocates for the disabled are so up in arms, maybe they should go out some night and get drunk, pee on their own furniture maybe molest a farm animal. Those actions are what we normal people call "f-ing retarded". The fact that he has to apologize to these advocates for something he said in a private meeting months earlier tells me one very important thing. There are spineless PC ass-weasels in the White House and they tattled on him.

This is pathetic. I'm sure there are Republicans all over calling for him to step-down, retire, quit, etc, and to all of them I say...get a life. This is not a major disaster, this isn't any reason to can Rahm Emmanuel so you can feel better about yourselves. As a very independent person I don't care if people chastise me for using such offensive phrases as "that's gay." and "f-ing retarded" First off, both of words had meanings different from their current ones many, many years prior.  Retard : to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment. Gay :  : happily excited : merry <in a gay mood> b : keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits <a bird's gay spring song>.

There you have it, I feel completely justified in everything I say knowing that those words were not made specifically for you and therefore you do not own them so they can be used in many different contexts without prejudice. If you really feel the need, you can attempt to copyright the word. Perhaps a picture of a kid with Down Syndrome nsxt to the definition in the dictionary. Oh wait I'm looking in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and the phrase is not used anywhere to expressly imply a handicapped person. It does use an alternate definition as " to delay academic progress by failure to promote. but this doesn't mean handicapped in any way shape or form.

So here; yet a gain we have another shining example of how "retarded" people can really be, especially those without any diagnosed mental handicaps.
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Vanity Fair proclaims: Hollywood is for white girls!

Vanity Fair, a magazine that puts a lot of effort in to being an authority on Hollywood has decided that Hollywood is ready for white supremacy. Come again? This years "New Hollywood" edition of the popular magazine features a bevy of beautiful, young, up and coming starlets. The feature which is somewhat of a staple for the mag, usually has a pretty diverse collection of new talent. This year however, something went terribly, terribly wrong.

Vanity Fair New Hollywood 2010
Vanity Fair has come to a pretty startling conclusion. That the future of Hollywood rests solely in the hands of emaciated white girls. These girls are white like Barry White isn't. Unless you're willing to concede that the one redhead in this photo constitutes diversity. I'm sure the writers and editors must have been racking their brains trying to come up with any actresses of color. The severe lack of black, Asian, and Latino actresses must have been such a burden for their minds to comprehend. Where are these diverse actresses?

Leaving out any huge stars who are already a-listers here's a list of some of these elusive actressses of color.
Jaden Smith ,Freida Pinto,Zoe Saldana, Gabourey Sidibe, Devon Aoki, Maggie Q, Kristin Kreuk, Melonie Diaz, Karen Olivo. Whew, that was an exhausting 3 1/3 minutes of research to find those names. I feel sorry for those folks at Vanity Fair, they have their work cut out for them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the girls they did pick. Some of these women are incredibly beautiful, and some are wickedly talented, but the fact still remains they are all blindingly white. I find it impossible that someone at Vanity Fair could have dropped the ball in such a way as to make this EPIC FAIL of an issue of such an esteemed magazine. This story is already all over the internet and I feel like the tortoise for not getting this article out before 9 in the morning.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

UN Climate Panel uses student essay and magazine article as part of climate change report.

The UN climate change panel based it's information for a section of it's published work on the ice disappearing from the worlds mountaintops on a student essay and an article in a mountaineering magazine. Now that's hard scientific fact finding right there.
So a geography student and observation from climbers published in a mountain climbing magazine somehow constitute solid, factual information about global warming. Remember, this is the same group whose data is used time and again to fuel the presidents propaganda to garner support for tax and cap schemes, forcing car manufacturers to produce hybrid cars that aren't selling and people don't want, impose new taxes and regulations on businesses.

The UN's climate data is supposed to represent the most comprehensive information on the subject from a plethora of organizations and collated and checked by the worlds best minds on the subject of global climate change. For years the Democrats have used data from the UN and the University of East Anglia(ClimateGate) as the basis for their whining about global warming. Al Gore is using this bogus data along with his bogus movie "An Inconvenient Truth" to get people to buy into 'Green' companies. These so called 'green' companies are selling products to help people and business overcome environmental problems that no can prove exists. This amounts to nothing more than modern day 'snake-oil salesmen' using the power of the imperial federal government of the United States to fund their scams, and scare the American people in to giving them more control over us.

This new information simply accentuates the already huge mole on the face of the Global Warming conspiracy the Democrats and the socialist hippies are forcing down the throats of the American People. It should have been apparent from the debacle in Copenhagen that this is all a sad joke. Anti-capitalist terror organizations, socialist support groups, and a host of other anti-democratic/free market movements flocked to Copenhagen to spread the word about their cause. It was the Woodstock of the Anarchists, the Monterey Pops Festival of the Anti-Capitalists. get the idea.

America is under siege from a threat worse than Nuclear Arsenals, Al-Qaeda, or even Communism. No The US of A is being targeted by mentally unstable lunatics who want to use government taxation and regulation to 'control the weather' so to speak. We have a president who fully supports these initiatives and has still found the time to campaign for nuclear energy. Nuclear Energy!?! Wasn't this the thing the Democrats used to hate because it's deadly, unsafe, and all that nuclear waste! Now, Obama is stepping on toes in his attempt to reach across the aisle and get the Republicans to support his energy initiatives.  The president has no backbone. He is a spineless puppet who bows and kowtows and just plain makes an ass of himself everywhere he goes. He looks like Howdy Doody in blackface. Oh wait, that might be a racist thing to say. So let me just apologize to Howdy Doody fans worldwide for making fun of their wooden Aryan little buddy.

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Obama's 3.83 Trillion Budget

President Barack Obama sent his proposed budget for fiscal year 2010 to Congress today. This budget weights in at 3.83 trillion dollars leaving us with a 1.56 trillion dollar deficit, a new record. I would like to take this opportunity to do the reasonable thing and say "THIS IS ALL GEORGE BUSH'S FAULT!!!" Hey, if I didn't somebody else would have. The joke is that Obama has managed to put this country in more debt; in one year, than George Bush did in eight. The economy continues it's downward spiral, jobs are disappearing faster than a Tijuana hookers panties and corporations and banks continue to get beat into submission by Obama's regulations, bonus caps, and tax increases.

The global quarterly poll of investors and analysts who are Bloomberg subscribers finds that 77 percent of U.S. respondents believe Obama is too anti-business and four-out-of-five are only somewhat confident or not confident of his ability to handle a financial emergency.
 I wonder how the economy will fare if Wall Street Investors have no confidence in the market, and feel that the government is going to break something if they keep messing around inside the machine. Technically we see it everyday, but if Obama continues his tirade against wall street it will reach critical mass sometime soon.
Republicans are upset with the president for his proposed tax hikes and for his failure to get our tanking economy under control. The Obama Administration countered by saying that he inherited a nearly 1 trillion dollar problem when he took office and had to spend billions more to help correct the problem.

"Having steered the economy back from the brink of a depression, the administration is committed to moving the nation from a recession to recovery by sparking job creation to get millions of Americans back to work," the administration said in a statement accompanying its budget.

The problem with the above statement is that it just isn't true. We are heading toward a depression not away from one. Jobs are being lost on a daily basis with no relief in sight. As a resident of the all but broke state of New York I am seeing the direct result of Liberal policies on the people. New York. The state has been in decline for years. It's policies are not business friendly, we have some of the highest taxes in the nation, every governor since at least 1980 has raised the price of cigarette taxes to generate more income and it hasn't helped. So now we have broke, jobless people fiending for a cigarette and a Governor who can't even see to shave.

Recent layoffs At Lockheed Martin, NYSEG(New York State Electric and Gas), BAE Systems, and EIT(Endicott Interconnect) have turned the state and my home town in to a wasteland with little hope for change it's becoming harder to believe that we will have to endure 3 more years of this before we can exercise our rights and vote this clown out of office. In the mean time, the future looks grim and as we tighten our belts and pray for relief I only hope that the recent shakeups in Washington are enough to stop the Democrats from destroying this nation completely.

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