Scott Brown wins Massachusetts senate seat.

Scott Brown Nude

Martha Coakley called Scott Brown a little after 9:30PM to concede the race. My report earlier quoted a Boston Herald poll which showed a majority of people though Scott Brown would win with a 5% spread. They must be psychic in Boston. In a truly stunning upset Brown powers through Coakley with a 52-47 win with 89% of districts reporting. The underdog has truly had his day. Despite the millions the Coakley campaign threw out for vicious attack ads, and even a last minute youtube swarm of out of context video supposing that Brown agreed with the audience member who wanted to anally violate Martha Coakley with a curling iron.

Republicans are giddy tonight, calling this victory the start of a revolt. Republican leaders and many in the conservative arm of the media are calling for a massive Conservative win in the 2010 mid-term elections.
Scott Brown is the second piece to fall in to place after 2 US Senators decided to retire this year and Harry Reid disgraced himself with racist remarks about his own boss. El Presidente Obama. Even though I do not live in Massachusetts, I have been watching this race closely and to be honest Scott Brown is one of the more 'real' Conservatives out there. He's young and vibrant and really shines in the political arena, and with his daughters in tow he will surely warm hearts everywhere he goes.

Brown will be one to watch along with guys like Bobby Jindal and the ever effervescent Sarah Palin. These younger Republicans are the new face of the GOP and are just what these farty old white men really need right now. This new found energy is really going to ramp up in the coming months and new faces are sure to appear in the headlines. Most Conservatives are finally getting the message that we need to distance ourselves from the kind of abusive behavior the Democrats love to display when talking about us. I am still disappointed in Rush Limbaugh for his disgraceful attempt at politicizing the tragic earthquake in Haiti, and I am furious and will never associate with anyone who is as mean and pathetic as Pat Robertson. You sir are NOT a man of God. You are an asshole. God Bless America. God Bless Scott Brown. Let's make 2010 a year to be proud of.

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