Saudi women banned from exercise.

Muslim Women

If the story I posted earlier about the 13 year old girl who is serving a two month sentence and receiving 90 lashes for bringing a cellphone to school wasn't enough to make you mad, this should help. Apparently in Saudi Arabia women aren't allowed to exercise! That's right sweating to whatever the hell the Muslim equivalent of Richard Simmons is illegal.

In the past few years the Saudi government along with their Decency police have been shutting down stand-alone womens' health centers. They some how overlooked health clinics that were attached to hospitals.
Well looks like they finally figured out their mistake and are now shutting those down too. These reports are startling considering the instances of heart disease and diabetes due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

To make matters worse A Jeddah health official released a statement more retarded than the law banning womens' gyms. "Anyone who violates regulations governing the running of health facilities would be punished severely because this involves people's health,"Muhammed Abdul Jawadsaid to the English-Arab News.

So there you have it. In one day two stories proclaiming the cruelty and insipidness of the Saudi Arabian government and it will not make one iota of difference. People will still die. Women will still be persecuted and treated as property. The free and Democratic governments of the world will turn a blind eye and continue to have dinner with the King and talk about things like oil and money. Oil and money tainted with the blood and suffering of the Saudi people.

Edit:I also just found out that in Egypt the Mufti(whatever that female genitalia sounding name means) has issued a fatwa against "Koran" ringtones. Wow. the prophet Mohammad on my Nokia...sweet.....Not!

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