Obama tanks at Coakley rally. Gets heckled.

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President Barack Obama spoke at a rally on behalf of Martha Coakley. He should have stayed home.
Watching Obama speak it was clear he was not quite ready for the challenge. His speech was listless and boring. He seemed confused and stumbled a few times. At one point during the speech it took him s few seconds to remember what state he was in. If Obama's performance today was meant to boost Martha Coakley's supporters I'd say welcome to the senate Mr. Brown.

Later on in his speech he stumbles again this time claiming accidentally that "Martha's Opponent would have voted against those taxes." Than corrects himself to day " He would have voted against those tax cuts.
One of the more amusing segments has been floating around the internet where he is heckled. The video begins right at a point where Obama not surprisingly looks lost. He says If....You, you, you, you need......At which point he is forced to stop because the heckler is shouting over him. According to reports the hecklers 2 men and an 8 year old boy were escorted from the Auditorium. One man was reportedly holding a sign that read "Jesus loves all babies." Apparently I'm not the only one who is angry with Coakley for supporting partial birth abortion and than lying about it.

Here is that tasty clip of a stuttering Obama and the heckler.
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