New Poll Global Warming not important.

A new Pew Research poll shows that of all the concerns Americans have for 2010 Global Warming is at the  very bottom of that list. Of the 21 unique topics Global Warming ranked dead last. In the top three slots The Economy, Jobs, and Terrorism. If we keep a close eye on these issues throughout the year you will see that the Democrats that ignore these poll numbers and choose to focus on less important things they stand a good chance of not being re-elected. Massachusetts, Virginia, and New Jersey proved those theories. MA, and NJ were both Democrat strongholds now slowly crumbling to Conservative influence.

The global warming hysteria appears to have peaked and is now in a sharp decline. Between the uselessness of COP15 and the ClimateGate scandal the American people are slowly coming to their senses and questioning the science. The true believers are holding fast however and they continue to dismiss anything that challenges their ideas even trying to down play the ClimateGate scandal. Obama's own Climate czar waved off the whole affair as of no consequence. If you really want to get to the heart of the global warming debate you simply need to ask some real experts. NOAA and NASA.

NOAA has been a very trusted name in tracking weather for many decades now and NASA has enough high-tech gadgetry that they can spot a storm happening thousands of light years away. One of NASA's chief scientists James Hanson tried to make waves when he came out in the corner of the climate change weirdos. He called for civil disobedience when dealing with the government on the issue of global warming. His former boss however Dr. John S. Theon disagrees.(There is some speculation surrounding Dr. Theon's claim that he supervised Mr. Hanson.) However, regardless of that trifle Dr. Theon was a long time scientist At NASAand has a pretty decent track record. He has published many articles and is a generally well respected scientist.
Even NOAA has stated ins a few reports that they are not listing CRU (Hadley) data as a trusted source.

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