Julie & Julia movie slams Republicans.

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So I have just had the misfortune of watching "Julie and Julia" A movie about a young women who writes a blog about how she is going to recreate all of the recipes in a Julia Childs book in one years time. Her and her husband are 30 somethings, he a writer for an archeology magazine and her a secretary at some agency. As the story progresses, we are treated to very entertaining flashbacks to Julia Childs in her early days before she became famous. Her husband paul, works for the American embassy in France.

Throughout the movie it flashes back and forth between the two times showing the progress of both Julie and Julia. For the most part it is an innocent romantic movie and Meryl Streep does an exemplary job impersonating Julia Childs. However there is something much more sinister under the surface of this quirky little film. If you haven't guessed already it's littered with liberal claptrap. Just enough to make you sick.

In the course of the film Paul, Julia's husband gets in to a couple of arguments with Julia's father about Joe McCarthy. McCarthy if you all remember was the infamous politician who blacklisted people for colluding with communists. Joe had a real hatred for commies. Anyways the story even wastes a laboring 3-4 minutes on how Paul is interrogated by the feds and they grill him about his friends, his possible communist ties, and at one point he is asked if he is a 'homosexual'. Yeah. You get to tell the world how much you hate that Republican scumbag Joe McCarthy. Aren't you proud.

But wait dear reader, it does not stop there. Oh no. They writer of this cinematic hate fest in the guise of romantic comedy couldn't wait to take a completely unveiled stab at Conservatives. Julie, the heroin of the modern day part of this film is called in to her bosses office. He had read her blog and was upset to learn that she skipped a day of work to cook for someone who knew Julia Childs. The boss is trying to make himself seem like a real nice guy by telling her that they do important work at her job, and if she really wants to blog he will find someone to replace her. But he's not going to fire her now. But he does go on to say "A Republican would have fired you!"

Wow. Not even a hint of subtlety there. A completely nonsensical, unqualified statement that's only purpose is to get a laugh out of liberals in the audience.
I really did want to just watch a movie, but no, theses Hollywood elitist Liberals can't even make a movie anymore without taking pot shots at the enemy. Well pardon me for breathing. In the end it really doesn't matter. We have Massachusetts, and we're not going to let it go. boogity, boogity, boo!. Ok, just kidding. But you get the point. The Liberals are slipping and falling in to a crevass from which they may never return. Obama will not be their savior. He will be their undoing.

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