James Carville:Go Measure My Penis and Let Me Get on The Airplane!

American political consultant James Carville.
Democrat Pundit James Carville was being interviewed on The Tony Kornheiser Show on ESPN 980 Radio when he was asked how he felt about the new regulations. Carville explains that he's fine with the intrusion and than says 'Go Measure My Penis and Let Me Get on The Airplane'. For once I agree with Carville. Do what you need to and let me get on my way. As long as a probe or a hand isn't going into my 'windward passage' I'm alright with a little inconvenience. 
care insures not only terrorists won't be able to get weapons or explosives on the plane, it also insures dumb people don't get anything potentially dangerous on the airplane because the only thing worse than a terrorist is a dumb ass with a potentially lethal item.(Could be hairspray for pete's sake, they'll find a way of blowing themselves up.) 
Individual liberties are important to me. These liberties ensure that we all can lead lives mostly free of unnecessary intrusions. However, the Muslim extremists have created a situation in which we must endure small sacrifices to ensure the safety of this countries citizens. This is not a case of giving up freedom for safety, this is a case of giving up some of your time to ensure that we can all fly safely. It rarely becomes a case of intruded upon privacy, except where a  few overly anal people might be concerned.

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