Harry Reid African American Support Group

Rush Limbaugh sure knows how to scare the pants off of a Democrat. After El Rushbo announced on his show a couple of days ago that there was an unfortunately named Facebook group called African Americans for Harry Reid the group seemed to explode with members...white ones. Today I decided to look again and was horrified at what I found. There is an unofficial fan page that has about 260 members. And a great parody group called "Dark skinned African Americans with negro dialects for Harry Reid" and of course the official group itself.
I decided I'd see if any light or dark skinned African Americans with or without negro dialects had signed up. Oops, I guess not. The group is now totally private and all you can see is Harry Reid's ugly face and a statement which reads

This group is exclusively for supporters desiring to re-elect Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and send him back to Washington DC. This is a grassroots group of volunteers organizing together in our community. If this is not your intent, this group is not for you. We appreciate your sincere membership.
Note: The previous "FAN" page was deleted in favor of this "group" page so that we have the ability to organize more effectively. If you see a Fan page or another group page, it is NOT affiliated with our grassroots group. (read less)

What's the matter Harry? Did too many klansmen join your group? Did some concerned citizens leave you nasty comments respectfully telling you to resign? Or was it really that embarrassing of a list? Let me guess 1000 people have signed up 85% percent of which are white. Harry Reid should be ashamed of himself. The only way he could have ever gotten anything from this is if he defended his position with vigor and a who cares attitude. If he stood up and said "Yes, I thought Barack Obama would lose the election if he looked like a tar pit and talked like a rapper. Some people would find him contestable. It's the truth and I will not apologize for saying it." Of course he could never say that because than the Republicans would spend another week wasting their breath trying to convince the world that Harry Reid was evil and he should resign his post like Trent Lott did.

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