USA Weekend Magazine publishes an article accusing conservatives of being easily grossed out.

Recent studies(By people who must be really bored)found that people who are more easily disgusted with certain situations such as finding an unflushed toilet in a restroom or finding out you took a sip from someone else's cup have conservative leanings. The studies which include one group of 181 people and another test set that is not even mentioned found that people who are easily grossed out all seemed to have conservative leanings and the reverse being true for liberals. The following quote from said article should give you clear insight as to the true scope and breadth of this study.

"The more sensitive to disgust you are, the more you might react intuitively negative to sexual or other bodily behaviors that might be seen as unusual or immoral," says Yoel Inbar of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government

I see. A School of Government named after every liberals Jesus Christ in a convertible John F.Kennedy. Nope. No bias in that study. As a Conservative, I would definitely disagree with this study. While certain nasty odors make me gag, I find turds in the toilet funny, and unless the person whose cup I just got done drinking out of had just finished performing an impure act on a horse I probably wouldn't be too worried. This study is clearly meant to further alienate hard-core Christian conservatives who are squeamish at anything unholy. 

I give up. The Liberal left is showing just how mentally ill they all are. I don't need a poll or a scientific study to tell me when someone is acting liberal. I just look for the idiot in a hemp sweater talking about Guevara while sipping organic chai tea. Boom. It's a liberal. He doesn't need to open his mouth or be presented with an unflushed toilet to show off his spots.


USA Weekend Magazine

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