Special:How to limit your career choices to Tattoo artist or Circus Freak in one easy step.

This is a little off-topic I know, but I just had to take some time out of my busy day to show you what low self esteem and undiagnosed mental illness can create. Here is my list of the top 7 most retarded people in the universe.

#7 The Gay Space Alien Elf Lord
 Wow. There is no amount of words to express my feelings about this intergalactic fruitcake.

Moving on.

#6 The 'Our Parents fucked potatos' Brothers.

Seriously guys. You could have had tits grafted on to your skulls, but you had dented bed pans stuck in your craniums instead. Epic Fail.

#5 I can haz doucheburger?

This sweater wearing aboriginal fucktard is Freud's worst nightmare. The body mod is bad enough, but couple that with is twinky style of dress and you have a good candidate for a new kind of sexual reassignment surgery. Robot.

#4 I can smell dog shit from 10 blocks away man.

If I can see inside your nose without the aid of medical equipment what's to stop a determined dwarf from nose raping you the next time you pass out after an all night "I feel sorry for myself" binge drinking session?

#3Dave Navarro's Retarded half-demon cousin??

Yeah, ummm. I was just wondering did you think that turning yourself into Ramone the human gargoyle would get you chicks? Cause seriously dude, unless she's blind or 5,000 pounds you are not getting any. Period.


Kala Kaiwi from you guessed it, Hawaii. Is a professional magnet tester, err tattoo/piercing artist.
Judging from this picture he also hates himself dearly. I know that when I think of ways to hurt my family and alienate my peers I always go straight for the industrial accident look.


#1The ultimate Douche Hamper award goes to.......

Alien gas-mask fish-fuck-face boy. No sane person would ever do this to themselves. No sane person would ever hire this hideous display of self-loathing. Where would he work? Maybe a Tattoo Parlor or a really shitty strip club..well Ringling Brothers always needs someone to clean up the elephant shit after their shows.

Thank you for indulging me in my foray into the insane world of disgruntled youth. This blog may seem non-political at first, but if you look really hard you can almost smell the liberalism drifting from their unwashed armpits.


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Yikes those are some serious body mods!