Mike Huckabee defends his postion in the Maurice Clemmons debacle.

 Here is Mike Huckabee's explanation of the Maurice Clemmons commutation incident. This is way beyond the pathetic charge from the left that all Huckabee did was complain about some paperwork not being submitted on time. Mr. Huckabee did a phenomenal job of defending his position and we is innocent in all of this. The 2 judges in Washington state that let a man who had already been charged with 9 felony counts in the state walk on 15,000 dollars bail are the reason this tragedy happened. Period. It's proximity to Oregon and the den of evil known ad Portland may be partly to blame. A northerly wind brought the stench of hippie liberalism up from the Oregon coast to Washington and those 2 judges just had to heed it's call. They left the courthouse, had a nice salad at Applebee's than had gay sex at a rented cabin in the wilderness. How lovely.

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