Homosexuals protest Avatar movie. Not enough gay blue aliens.

 Ok, I found this bit of insanity on http://stopavatarmovie.blogspot.com/
 Apparently some gay people are upset that in this fantasy movie the blue people don't seem to have any homosexual members of their community. Uhh, WTF???

On Friday, December 18, 2009 thousands of people will be protesting the release of the James Cameron movie, Avatar. The purpose of the protest is as follows:

1) To make all people aware that heterosexual arrogance, assumptions or exclusions of alternative sexualities in movies is no longer acceptable. Diversity and tolerance are human rights.

2) To speak out for all gay, bi-sexual, genderless and transgender people who are not represented by any character in Avatar.

3) To educate people about Evolution and humanity's transition to transgenderism.

All protests will be peaceful and non-confrontational. Suggested methods of protest:

  • Stand outside of theaters with signs and pamphlets to express your views
  • Sit down in theater lobbies and do not move unless the police use force or violence upon you
  • Stand up during a viewing of Avatar and remain standing
  • Buy tickets to Avatar in bulk but do not attend showings. An empty theater sends a message
  • Bring your mate to the theater and show affection to each other.
Reminder: SILENCE = DEATH. We will be silent no more. 

Ok. So I think that quote looks really appropriate in pink. Don't you? Wait, does that say genderless?? How the fuck do you become genderless?? This is me officially protesting trans-gendered people. You have to be slightly messed to want to chop off your wang or to add-one on, but now you're trying to tell me there are people who don't know or don't want to have a gender at all?? I refuse to accept that anyone in this boat is sane. If you're gender disassociation is that severe you need to seek immediate medical treatment.

What am I saying? These people are protesting a sci-fi movie because there isn't enough man love or gurl sex in it. Any movie could use some gurl love, but seriously folks this is a movie. This is not a tool to push an agenda. If your so upset that there are no gay people in this movie, you can go make your own gay blue people in space movie. You can call it "Gayvatar" and it can have all the gayness you want in it.

This is my favorite part "Buy tickets to Avatar in bulk but do not attend showings. An empty theater sends a message" I don't think James Cameron or the movie theater will care if buy tickets but show up. They made a profit and you have a useless movie ticket. Here's a premise. Go see the movie and enjoy it. Stop spending all your life energy worrying about what fucking straight people do and live your god-damned lives.

I have never more disappointed in any decade of my life than I am of this one. The decade is coming to a close and the world is a worse place than it was 10 years ago. People are all despicable creeps who care only for themselves while pushing an agenda of "Unity" By unity they mean we love everyone but conservatives, Christians and anyone else who disagrees with our plans.Depravity now has it's own parade down main street, and we wonder why there are more sexual predators than ever.

Three things. 1.)The more we continue to ignore the real problems in the gay communities the worse they will get. There is no consensus on what defines homosexuality, and what causes people to wish for gender reassignment surgery. But as long as all of it is branded as "normal" there will be no answer.
2.. Two men groping each other, making out on top of a float shaped like a giant cock is not "Gay Pride" It's a symbol of sexual depravity. You don't need to wear assless chaps and put on fairy wings to be gay. If you need to act like asn asshole to get peoples attention than your aren't deserving of the respect and equality you so desperately seek.
3.) Trying to bully your way in to an ancient ceremony that is historically presented as the union between a man and a women is completely rude. If you want to consummate your love for your partner get your own ceremony. Stop trying to steal the Christians ritual. It's seriously not yours to ask for.(PS. Why would you want it, the Christians hate you because of your lifestyle. Why associate yourself with that?)

Just so you are aware, this is the most recent image from the site apparently showing some of these so-called protesters.

Gay Avatar Protest
 Well, that pretty much says it all.


(UPDATE):After continuing to monitor this site and the corresponding youtube videos it appears this may be a hoax, or the worst planned protest in history. There's a post declaring victory because the movie fell short of projected monetary intake goals. The only problem is the box office receipts are for Australia! 75 percent of Australia is unsettled wilderness. There are no movie theaters in the outback. Some people are idiots.

James Cameron

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Anonymous said…
First off yeah protesting a movie because of no gay people is stupid I agree. Also, no the people don't deserve respect but everyone deserves equality even the idiots. As for marriage it use to be any gender can marry anyone stop thinking Christians invented marriage I assure you they didn't
Anonymous said…
Those are the living reason I'm ashamed of being gay.

They go crazy too easily about everything and they end up getting more stupid. That's quite embarassing.

Gays will never be happy anyway and they'll never have any reason to shut up with their "pride" of stupidity.

What a shame for me, really.
Nobody said…
There is honestly no explanation for the things people do. I think if you couple this with the San-Fran Gay Pride Parade it's not hard to see why people are against gay marriage. It's impossible to take someone seriously when they are wearing hot pink "Daisy Dukes" riding atop a float shaped like a giant penis.
Anonymous said…
2 things

first, the protest site is not real, it's a joke

and second, you are a complete fucking idiot if you believe marriage is solely a christian ceremony
Anonymous said…
Really? REALLY?
It's people like them that make my life harder, being homosexual. They do crap like this which give the rest of the group a bad image. I mean...if it doesn't even mention it, why should you even care? It's the same thing as problems with race in movies. People not liking movies because there was no black people in it or only one was a main character. People will never be happy...
Nobody said…
To the wonderful asshat and his oh so constructive criticism. I posted an update to this article at the end of post stating that I believed the content may be fake. As to your comment on marriage, many cultures have bonding ceremonies(the majority of which are..you guessed it. Between a man and a woman).The current definition of marriage in the United States is a ceremony based on the union of a man and a woman. Since the majority of marriages are performed in churches or by an ordained minister of a church it seems reasonable to assume that those are the rules people should follow. The same rights could be extended to gay couples in a 'Civil Union' without infringing upon the institution of holy matrimony. It seems rude, and overbearing to have homosexuals force their agenda on Christians just as much as it is for Christians to impose their agenda on gays. The Church despises homosexuality so why would you want to put yourself into the middle of that kind of hatred? If you are gay and proud strive for your own marriage based on 'Civil Unions' without the stigma or prejudice you might endure should you continue to force a gay agenda on Christians.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like this was a hoax.

Anyway, how ignorant can you be to say marriage is a Christian ceremony? That is one of the most bizarre statements I have ever heard.
Nobody said…
Marriage as our forefathers and as the governors of states would have defined marriage as 'holy matrimony'
And since none of the writers or signers of the constitution, or of the constitution of any of the states at that time were Jews, or Muslims, Hindus, etc...their definition would be of a Christian ceremony.
Anonymous said…
For those of you saying "Marriage isn't a Christian Ceremony", that may be the case as marriage was around long before the birth of Christ; however marriage has always being considered a holy union ordained by God. No matter what nationality or religon you may be, marriage is a sacred and holy bond between man and woman.

I don't see why the rules should be changed after thousands of years of tradition. If gays want to be united for life, then they should make up their own comittment ceremony instead of imposing on an ancient and sacred tradition.

I have no problem with gays, in fact I have a lot of friends that are homosexual and bisexual, and I openly discuss my views with them. However, I do see it as a little unfair that they are allowed to have a massive parade through Sydney celebrating "gay pride" but as soon as I say "I am proud to be straight" I am being socially ignorant aswell as arrogant, not to mention discriminating.

IN actual fact the minorities have all the power. They kick up a fuss and everyones there straight away to say "there there" and give them what they want. Homosexuality wasn't in movies 50 or 60 years ago, why does it have to be apart of everything in modern society now? Just because Avatar didn't have gay aliens, doesn't mean he hates gays or whatever.

Hoax or not, whoever created the blog obviously had some opinions they wished to share.. and look.. it worked. We're discussing it right now. I don't doubt for a second that the next Avatar movie will contain homosexual couples.

Was it necassary? No, I don't think so.