Global Warming Skeptic Heinrik Svensmark has a heart attack while speaking at COP15

Heinrik Svensmark, a scientist from the Danish National Space Cneter in Copenhagen had a heart attack while speaking today at the talks on global climate change.Mr. Svensmarks pacemaker kicked in and he was quickly rushed to the hospitol and is listed in stable condition. Heinrik Svensmark is a skeptic of global warming science and theorizes that the earth is actually in a cooling period right now.

Svensmark detailed his theory of cosmoclimatology in a paper published in 2007.
Svensmark and Nigel Calder published a book The Chilling Stars: A New Theory of Climate Change (2007) describing the Cosmoclimatology theory that cosmic rays "have more effect on the climate than manmade CO2":

    During the last 100 years cosmic rays became scarcer because unusually vigorous action by the Sun batted away many of them. Fewer cosmic rays meant fewer clouds—and a warmer world.

(Warning:Satire Alert!)Scientists for the Alex Jones Research center are said to be formulating a theory that Barack Obama has created a Global Warming Skeptic Killer Machine(much like the machine W used to kill all the black folk in New Orleans)and was testing it out on Mr. Svensmark, but his pacemaker saved his life. I theorize that it was the frost that covered the machine that caused it to malfunction.

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