ClimateGate:Not enough to stop Al Gore's polar express from chugging through the White House and all the way to Copenhagen.

After the devastating blow that is ClimateGate somehow the 'science' is still settled. I'm not going to go into a massive amount of detail about this since there is enough information out there to keep you reading for months(over 1000 emails and 3000 documents were stolen when the servers at the University of East Anglia were hacked in November.) This coupled with the petition that was signed by 31,000 scientists of whom over 9,000 were PhD's against the science of global warming should be enough to end the debate, right? Wrong.

Inside the White House Obama's top science advisor, his Energy Secretary, and his climate czar are all still convinced that "The science is settled." Make no mistake the folks who want global warming to be a reality are powerful people with lots of money. Al Gore and others like him have invested Billions of dollars in so-called "Green"technologies and if global warming turns out to be poo-poo their investments will be poo-pooed for sure.

What surprises me the most is that this issue ever even got this far. we debunked Al Gore's inconvenient movie years ago yet people still cling to the belief that cows farting in Iowa is leading to the death of polar bears in Alaska. Did not one single person notice that Al Gore flies around in a private jet that creates a bigger 'carbon footprint' in a day than 1,000 air conditioners being run 24 hours a day for the next century. Al Gore's personal 'carbon footprint' is just plain massive. Private jets, half a dozen homes all in constant use with a full staff using electricity and gas at every one of them. A fleet of SUV's for himself and his GW entourage.

The world is being swindled by the most notorious group of con men in the history of mankind, yet even as the evidence against their scam piles up their legions of thralls still cling to the idea that the random blizzards in July means that the earth is getting "warmer". Right. Snow=Global warming.

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