ClimateGate Professor calls former Director of the SEC an Asshole on live BBC television.

During a live broadcast on BBC televsion, Marc Morano, former communications director of the Senate Environment Committee and now editor for the Web site Climate Depot debated with Andrew Watson a professor at the University of East Anglia in the UK.. After a few minutes these 2 heavyweights got into a very heated argument , Morano would loudly interrupt Watson as he was speaking. At the end of the show the host thanked his two guest and Watson decided to have the last word by expressing his feelings about Mr. Morano thusly. "What an Asshole."

This is of course nothing new. Any time a liberal is losing in a debate, usually to a little thing called facts their instinctual reaction is to curse loudly or defame their opponent by calling them such popular phrases as 'racist' 'Nazi' 'fascist' or 'Hatemonger". Asshole is of course also widely used, but usually not on live television.

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