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Rush Limbaugh made reference to a website run by mentally handicapped talk host Alex Jones (, than retracted the information later in the day. Of course the folks at Alex's other website shot back with a scathing piece equating Rush to a 'Neo Con' tool. This is the part where anyone with half a brain goes "whaaaa????" First of all there is no acceptable definition for Neo Con other than someone of a new breed of conservative who is neither new, nor conservative. Most of the so-called Neo Cons were former liberals who jumped ship when the left in the 1970's went a little to left for their tastes. Rush Limbaugh, while maybe not as old as some of the Neo Cons of the Reagan era is certainly not one of their ilk.

Old school Neo Cons like Paul Wolfowitz, Doug Feith, Richard Perle, and later on guys like Elliot Abrams were at the forefront of the movement that brought us the concepts of a welfare state, and a strong military defense coupled with using the military and economic might of the US to bring Liberalism, Democracy and human rights to foreign countries. (Whether they like it or not.) The administration of George W. Bush Jr. was littered with these 70's cast off liberals. This led to much criticism of Bush Jr. by members of his own party and even some conservative talk show hosts.

The madness didn't stop there. John McCain had prominent Neo Cons like Robert Kagan, Max Boot, John R. Bolton, and Randy Scheunemann in his ranks during his 2008 bid for the Presidency. The one constant through this invasion of Neo Con nitwits in to the ranks of the RNC was and still is Rush Limbaugh...rallying against these morons and everything they stand for. Somehow, even though by now to most people it is painfully clear where Limbaugh stands on the issues, the Alex Jone's tin-foil hat brigade still managed to mis-label Rush a 'Neo Con'.

Every once in a great while Alex manages to say something intelligent. He is a true believer in everything he says. He is also a neurotic conspiracy nut who finds the Men in Black and little green men hiding in every corner of Congress and in the Oval Office itself.


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